Mercedes-Benz Travego: This year Father Christmas's finest sleigh goes by the name of Travego

Mercedes-Benz Travego: This year Father Christmas's finest sleigh goes by the name of Travego
November 2015
  • Christmas Travego for customers' private Christmas tours
  • Eye-catching livery and unusual lighting concept
Stuttgart/Munich – It is probably this year's most striking "sleigh" from Mercedes-Benz. Because, when the 135 m LED fairy lights on the Christmas Travego start to sparkle, a Christmassy atmosphere on the roads is guaranteed.
The idea for this unusual Christmas Travego came about at the Mercedes-Benz bus and coach sales office in Munich. The Christmas scene was conjured up on the vehicle's contours by the DesignStudio at Mannheim's bus and coach plant, whilst the livery and light system was created by the bus and coach refiner Heymann. Sporting this livery and adorned with LED fairy lights, the impressively equipped Travego M is intended for use by customers this Christmas. Following registration and consultation with the responsible Mercedes-Benz contact, some bus operators can use the vehicle for an evening in the pre-Christmas period for their very own Christmas tour. There are already concrete plans: the Christmas Travego is to accompany the Regensburg Cathedral Choir to a selected Christmas concert. An enterprise from Augsburg intends to use the Christmas Travego to accompany severely disabled children to an event free of charge, and a Straubing bus and coach company is planning to take a kindergarten group to and from a Christmas market.
The Travego M was originally pure white, and its light system controls now feature multi-stage programming. The system can be switched on and off from the driver's workstation. In the luggage compartment the operator has several programs from which to choose: a steady light or blinking light with steplessly variable speeds.
The colours red, green or blue can be activated in each case. These colours can be used in pairs or combined as a whole depending on everyone's wishes. The Christmas feeling in the air at any particular time can decide which combination is used.
From 28 December 2015 the Travego will in all probability be out and about as the Travego touring coach again, that is unless Käthe Wohlfahrt or Father Christmas themselves want to use the sleigh and its blaze of lights the whole year round.

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  • 15A1353
    The luminous intensity of the 13 m LED fairy lights is most effective in the dark, whilst during the daytime the Christmas Travego is an eye-catcher with its striking livery.
  • 15A1352
    Glittering lights and a romantic backdrop: the Christmas Travego in front of Mannheim´s landmark, the water tower.