At-a-glance comparisons, convenient selection around the clock Unimog partner portal now available for convenient selection of suitable implements

June 2017
Stuttgart / Wörth
  • Easy-to-navigate online guide to practical Unimog implement combinations covering a range of areas of application: now available 24 hours a day
  • Overview of all current models of the Unimog implement carrier and chassis variants for the extreme off-road model series
  • Presentation of bodies and implements from certified “ UnimogPartners by Mercedes-Benz” and “Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartners”
  • Detailed description of bodies and implements with photos and contact address of the relevant Unimog implement partner
  • Available now at

Stuttgart / Wörth –The introduction of the new Unimog partner portal is a real highlight for Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks: Unimog customers can now go to and explore for themselves the wide range of products offered by the implement, attachment and body manufacturers who equip the Unimog for a whole host of industry-specific applications. Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks has launched the portal to make it easier for customers to search for an appropriate bodybuilder and to help them choose the right implements for the areas of use and tasks they are concerned with.

The product solutions shown at the Unimog partner portal are all technically compatible implements or bodies approved by Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks for the Unimog chassis, as all the manufacturers listed in the Unimog partner portal are certified either as a “UnimogPartner by Mercedes-Benz” or a “Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner”.

Ease of use an advantage: no need for registration or password

The Unimog partner portal's easy access makes it particularly customer-friendly: there's no need to register as the site is publicly accessible. Customers can browse current Unimog models plus a large number of effective product solutions covering everything from body-mounted cranes to road-rail applications. Selections can be refined by Unimog model and variant, implement manufacturer or bodybuilder and the intended industry or area of application. Responsive Web Design ensures the portal's pages display in full-screen on all current PCs, tablets and smartphones using modern IOS and Android operating systems.

Detailed descriptions with photos for all implements and bodies

Every implement and body shown in the portal is linked to a full description with photos. This profile contains detailed product information including technical data, weight, advantages, the Unimog model most suitable for use with the implement, the required technical specifications and the likely conversion time to be reckoned with. Customers can therefore directly compare the various implements, attachments and bodies associated with their specific requirements. And each Unimog partner's details are also available on the Unimog partner portal, so they can be contacted directly if customers have any questions.

Implement makers and bodybuilders: important partners for Unimog

The implement manufacturers and bodybuilders have always played a crucial role for Unimog as it is their product solutions that often make the Unimog into the unique all-round solution for wide-ranging applications the customer desires. The Unimog partner portal gives implement manufacturers and bodybuilders possibilities to show their products to customers as partners of the Mercedes-Benz Unimog in ways which go far beyond technological advantages and which for some may be completely new.

Regular checks are made to ensure that the classification given to participating Unimog partners is accurate and up to date. They are conducted with the aid of questionnaires about sales, service provision, quality and technology. The outcomes are then used to classify partners correctly either as a “UnimogPartner by Mercedes-Benz” or, for a higher score, as a “Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner”. All four areas contribute to each level of qualification. This creates transparency about the partner's efficiency and qualities.

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  • 17C285_05
    The photo shows the options for selecting implements via the new Unimog partner portal: at the portal, the customer can choose a chassis from the current Unimog model range and match it with the profiles of implements and bodies offered by “UnimogPartners by Mercedes-Benz” and “Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartners” which are specific to various industries but not to the Unimog model variants.
  • 17C285_06
    From mid-June 2017 Unimog customers will be able to select and optimise  their own Unimog implement combinations conveniently from their PC, tablet or smartphone. The photo shows an example of a specific implement combination configured via the new Unimog partner portal:  the U 423 implement carrier shown with road-rail conversion by Zagro and a body-mounted Palfinger crane from Werner GmbH is perfectly adapted for use both on the road and the railway track.
  • 17C285_04
    Unimog customers are to have open access for configuring their own Unimog implement combinations: the photo shows the landing page of the new Unimog partner portal.