Contemporary luxury on the water and in the air

Contemporary luxury on the water and in the air
September 2016

Mercedes-Benz Style with two premieres at the Monaco Yacht Show

Contemporary luxury on the water and in the air


Stuttgart/Monaco. Mercedes-Benz Style is celebrating no less than two world premieres at the Monaco Yacht Show, which up until 1 October 2016 will be attracting international boating enthusiasts to the Principality on the Mediterranean. For the first time Mercedes‑Benz Style and Lufthansa Technik are presenting the final interior design of a VIP aircraft cabin for short- and medium-haul flights. The realistic, virtual 3D presentation shows the VIP cabin that was developed with a focus on short- and medium-haul aircraft like the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 family. In cooperation with Lufthansa Technik a new, holistic cabin concept for 16 passengers has been created, and it goes beyond the previously familiar dimensions of aircraft interiors. At the same time Silver Arrows Marine (SAM) is presenting the motor yacht "ARROW460 – Granturismo" to the specialist audience as an Edition 1 model, having undertaken its maiden voyage in April 2016. The yacht and aircraft cabin are impressive examples of the progressive, dynamic Mercedes‑Benz Design of Sensual Purity in a context other than classic automotive design.

"With the yacht and the aircraft cabin we have transferred our philosophy of Sensual Purity to the ship and aircraft design," said Gorden Wagener, Head of Design of Daimler AG. "The creation was an inspiring challenge and we have created products that reveal a perfect contemporary luxury – hot and cool."

Aircraft cabin interior: flying in new dimensions

Under the joint approach with Lufthansa Technik, the traditional separation of ceiling, wall and floor is entirely replaced by a dynamically styled, spiral layout. The interior appointments fit the cabin organically and homogeneously like a DNA helix. The individual spatial elements flow into one another. This gives rise to new, independent zones without the characteristic aircraft arrangement of seats and walls.

When entering the cabin, the air passenger is met by a wide, open welcome zone, which also encompasses a galley, a kitchen, a private room and a bathroom. Behind the lounge and dining areas, the cabin is divided up into a separate room with entertainment and information technology, and the guests' private area. The bathroom and bedroom feature an open-plan design around a free-standing shower with transparent walls. A special highlight is the large, luxurious bed with its concave, upholstered headboard. Featuring numerous details, all the furniture with its sensuous clarity of design merges with the cabin interior. The cabin windows are concealed by black panels that are inspired by the screen design of the Mercedes‑Benz S‑Class. Due to the Mercedes-Benz Magic Sky technology the panels can be dimmed electrically from black to transparent. Screens and touchscreens for infotainment can be seamlessly integrated into the black panels. The overall design is characterised by the aesthetic appeal of state-of-the-art luxury embodied in Mercedes‑Benz.

"Together with Mercedes-Benz Style we plan to target this innovative concept at a private global clientele with a strong affinity for unique design. It is precisely customers from the VIP and VVIP sector who today want innovative and extraordinary design solutions for their aeroplanes. With our modular concept we offer the ideal solution for the most discerning demands, whether that be for private or business use," commented Wieland Timm, Vice President Sales VIP & Special Mission Aircraft at Lufthansa Technik AG. The Lufthansa Technik and Mercedes‑Benz Style stand at the Yacht Show is near the "Parvis Piscine" main entrance. This is where, alongside the virtual 3D presentation, the visitor will find a scaled, physical model of the cabin plus samples of the materials used for the interior appointments.

"ARROW460 – Granturismo": innovative interior for the most discerning standards

In Monaco Mercedes-Benz Style and Silver Arrows Marine are showing the interior of the "ARROW460 – Granturismo" motor yacht for the first time. It combines the advantages of a sporty, open boat with the spacious interior and the private sphere of a luxurious trunk cabin cruiser. This makes the yacht, which offers room for up to ten passengers, suitable both for day trips as well as for multi-day excursions.

The interior is characterised by a high degree of variability. The large side windows are retractable, and the windscreen can be raised. This enables the passengers to sit comfortably in the interior with an all-round view and the feeling of sitting in the open.

Comfort comes courtesy of a luxurious bathroom and a separate multifunctional console. The yacht is also fully equipped with all relevant equipment for comfort, entertainment and leisure. Wood is used as a trim material throughout the entire interior. Through a three-dimensional application, the grain of the eucalyptus wood follows the overarching forms of the interior lining, underscoring the overall flow of the interior. For the floor covering a sustainable composite material was chosen, and the designers refined it with a flowing decor and a harmonious colour combination. The glazing is also characterised by a new type of technology. Light transmission can be controlled electronically in the same way as the Mercedes‑Benz Magic Sky technology; at the same time the shimmering silver glazing is seamlessly integrated in the overall silhouette.

"By blending the maritime and automotive world with their respective design idioms, technologies and ideas we have created a new standard for motor yachts. The 'ARROW460 – Granturismo' blends maritime engineering artistry with charismatic design and perfect elegance, familiar from the world of Mercedes-Benz," said Ron Gibbs, Chairman of Silver Arrows Marine. SAM will be starting production of the yacht in the coming months. The first yachts will be delivered to customers in the second half of 2017. During the Yacht Show the boat is open for all interested visitors. It is anchored in Monaco's harbour at Pier T (berth T17bis).

About Mercedes-Benz Style Since 2010, in addition to classic automobile design, Mercedes‑Benz designers have also created the designs for other products in cooperation with selected partners under the label Mercedes-Benz Style. The aim is to transfer Mercedes-Benz's unmistakable, progressive design idiom and high standards of luxury and aesthetic appeal to other spheres of life. All products designed by Mercedes-Benz Style have a dynamic and avant-garde design that is the hallmark of the brand, as well as uncompromising quality and a choice of fine materials finished to perfection. The portfolio of Mercedes-Benz Style includes products from the areas of mobility, lifestyle, sport and interior design.

About Lufthansa Technik Lufthansa Technik is one of the world's leading providers of technical services for commercial and corporate aircraft, as well as VIP and government aircraft. In addition to maintenance, overhaul and repair, Lufthansa Technik also offers special services such as the completion of customised aircraft cabins. In the area of VIP aircraft, Lufthansa Technik has over 50 years of experience in the development and installation of technically and aesthetically high-end solutions.

To date, the VIP & Executive Jet Solutions Division of Lufthansa Technik has modified or completed over 100 short-, medium- and long-haul aircraft.

About Silver Arrows Marine Silver Arrows Marine builds innovative luxury motor yachts whose unique design purity reflects the sporty elegance of the best Granturismo cars. With the help of Mercedes-Benz Style and some of the world's best boat builders and maritime suppliers, the first "ARROW460 – Granturismo" represents a totally new type of 14‑metre motor yacht. It was designed to offer an excess of light, space and high-tech functionality. Registered in Great Britain, Silver Arrows Marine is a company whose yachts can only be obtained via its own sales and services outlets.

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