Mobility with the Mercedes star on land, on water and in the air

May 2016

Stuttgart. To mark the world premiere of the luxury motor yacht designed by Mercedes-Benz Style, a short film has been created which brings Gottlieb Daimler's dream of mobility with the Mercedes star in the three dimensions of land, water and air into the modern era. Alongside the "Arrow460-Granturismo" from Silver Arrows Marine, the stars of the film include the new S-Class Cabriolet, the first open-top luxury four-seater from Mercedes-Benz since 1971, and the exclusively appointed "H145 Mercedes-Benz Style" helicopter from Airbus Helicopters (

The film depicts three exciting products from Mercedes-Benz and conveys a sense of modern luxury against the backdrop of the French Mediterranean coast. The cabriolet, yacht and helicopter represent the brand's sensual pure design as well as high standards in terms of luxury, aesthetics and technological perfection.

The designers of Mercedes-Benz Style also makes the modern luxury for which the brand is known tangible beyond the world of the automobile. Since 2010, working with selected partners they have been developing exclusive products which have transported the high quality standards and unmistakable design theme of sensual purity into other mobility and lifestyle areas. As in vehicle development, the designers are guided by their passion for uniqueness.

Further information about the Arrow460-Granturismo by Mercedes-Benz can be found at:

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    Stern of the ARROW460-Granturismo, the yacht of the british shipbuilder Silver Arrows Marine in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Style
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    Beyond the brand's vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz designers are already responsible for designing a diverse range of other products under the "Mercedes-Benz Style" label. Such products include the exclusive Airbus Helicopters "H145 Mercedes-Benz Style" and the luxurious motor yacht "ARROW 460 - Granturismo", for example.
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